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Wright Beef LLC

Company Name:
Wright Beef LLC
86089 499th Ave
Inman, NE 68742
(402) 394-5531


When buying beef you need choose Beef from Nebraska. You get the best quality and price when buying whole beef, side of beef, or quarter beef on the market. Located in the perfect and natural environment in Nebraska Sandhills, Wright Beef LLC is owned and operated by George and Sandy Wright. This location ensures top of the line beef.

Wright Beef strives to produce the most desired roasts, burgers and steaks around. Wright Beef knows how important breeding, feeding, processing and dry aging are when it comes to the production of beef. Wright Beef’s area of expertise is producing ranch direct, corn finished Angus or Angus/Wagyu Cross. Value the savory flavor you already know from Angus Beef or the unmatched flavor and tenderness you only get from our Angus/Wagyu Cross Beef.

Hormone free beef — steroid free Natural Beef from Wright Beef is beef you can trust. When you cut out the middle man and buy Beef directly from the supplier you do not have to give up price for quality or quality for price. Wright Beef uses highly ranked sires when they select the top match for breeding their herd. This promises the highest quality of beef possible. When it comes to tenderness, taste, and satisfaction, Wright Beef does it the "Wright" way!